Offering A Unique Partnership
We have an office in Los Angeles,USA & two Service Centers in India in Bengaluru & Chandigarh. You invest Zero amount. Not a penny. And you pay only AFTER verifying that we have given you a cost saving of upto 50% on your business operations. Nothing till then.

It is NOT an outsource model. No work is outsourced to us. This is a business model not offered anywhere by any other company – to the best of our knowledge. Just a dialogue with us and it could launch your business onto a different trajectory. Zero risk in trying us out.

In short, we help you recruit and locate part of your team in India. On our payrolls, in our offices and on our technology infrastructure but tailored to your specific needs. We share our books of accounts with you, work together as a Partner to share all details, provide technical support and save costs from 30-50%. We are more economical compared to even any other equivalent Indian company by 20-40%. 

Most importantly, you can walk away any time with no liabilities as you make zero investment as everything is on our books of accounts.

There is no magic here but just a UNIQUE Business Partnership offer as you will soon learn by reading this home page. Whether you employ 10 or 1,000 employees, our Partnership model is the fastest and the most economical way to scale up your business.

Your business could be in any service industry eg Digital Marketing, Software Development, Video & Film Animation, Legal Services, Financial Services, R&D, Product Development, BPO/Call Center, HR & Payroll Processing or Healthcare etc.  We cater for all these.

We guarantee to make you cost competitive compared to any of your peers by a wide margin. 

  • Your own handpicked team does all the delivery and job work. No work is outsourced to us.
  • We share our books of accounts with the Partners every month on the cloud. Every penny is recorded and shared.
  • We can assure 30-50% savings on whatever the current costs of the Partner may be.  Even more at times.  Such is the business model based on complete transparency.
  • This is NOT just an office space being provided. We provide functions of HR, CTO and CFO to cut your costs. We do not charge any fixed rate/seat. There is no Time & Cost based billing. No per hour or per person charges are billed.
  • We do ZERO padding for our profits on the actual costs.

Benefits To Our Partners

Since no work is outsourced to us and we do no job work or delivery for the Partners, the only alternative for Partners would be to establish their own office in India. Which means hiring an office, CEO, CTO, CFO etc and facing the maze of tax & regulatory compliances of India.

We eliminate all that pain and the complexities that come with it.

Our revenues are linked to the costs of operations of the Partner. Our revenues vary as the operational costs of the Partner vary. Since books of accounts are shared by us, the Partner knows that we are in it together. In effect, our Partner also controls our revenues.

  • Technical Staff works directly under the Partner. But all staff is on our rolls. Our HR will search, shortlist and help recruit the staff as per Partner specs.  Final interview, salary and terms are set  by  the Partner. Our HR also advises on salary structuring & increments  etc. in line with Indian costs.
  • No need for Partner to have their  own office in India.  No office building is rented by Partner.
  • No need for CXOs.  Our CTO, CFO & HR provide consulting to help in operations of Partner’s delivery team. Unlike others, this is a significant value add from our experienced core team. Just see their profile on the website here.
  • We even provide a Project Manager for small teams till Partners can afford their own.
  • No hardware is to be purchased by Partner. We buy custom hardware, software and networking equipment as per Partner’s specifications.
  • No regulatory compliance filings in India.  No Income Tax hassles in India.
  • No  risks of expanding or shrinking the infrastructure as your business needs change.
  • Highly professional, qualified and experienced core team to manage the environment as per the needs of the Partners.
  • Option to sign the contract with our company in USA for ease and comfort of compliance with US laws.
  • We have 100% retention rate of our Partners since we started. At the core of this is the unparalleled transparency and exceptional quality of service. 
  • Our Partners incur real Indian costs – the primary reason for going to India. We share details of all costs with Partners.