The organisation consists of two companies – Webguru Media Inc and RT Global Infosolutions. Depending on the nature of business and geographical areas, the business is executed by one of the two companies. The management of both the companies is common and so are the offices, resources and marketing.

The Company
  • Debt Free Company
  • Top Grade And Experienced Core Team
  • Transparency Based Business Model
  • CEO,CFO,HR functions carried out by our team.
  • Project Management provided on client request.
  • 100% Retention Of Customers
  • Employee Attrition Rate Of 5-7%
  • India Offices In Chandigarh & Bengaluru
  • USA Office In Los Angeles, California


  • Self Owned Building In Chandigarh and a hired office in Bengaluru.
  • State Of The Art Hardware & Equipment.
  • Tele & Video Conference Facility With VOIP
  • Multiple Conference & Discussion Rooms
  • Biometric Attendance System
  • 24×7 Hours Security Staff
  • High Speed Connectivity
  • Capacity Extendable To 1000 Seats
  • Infrastructure added as desired by client. All on our books including maintenance.